About Us

You know it when you see something better. It could be a better approach to customer service, or you might be impressed by something done differently that saves you time or money. A better approach to brand management is personal to us, and we understand the value of embracing a brand’s history and values. Not through a patchwork of promises, but through a focused, efficient and personalized full-service solution to brand management. Bringing more than 100 years of collective industry experience to the table, Affinity delivers a better approach to brand management! When licensed vendors and clients sing your praises, you know you’ve struck a winning balance that is notable.

A better approach to brand management includes:

  • Superior customer service and relationships
  • A team of in-house technology developers bringing innovative solutions with speed and focus
  • Electronically review and execute applications and license agreements
  • Flexible service models for maximum client customization
  • A more strategic and streamlined approach to royalty reporting
  • Mobile tools to help vendors manage products and connect with customers

Our Commitment

  • To act with impeccable integrity in every word and deed
  • To care deeply for each other and help all partners succeed
  • To create positive momentum that leads to great progress

Your brand. Our passion. A better approach.

Being the most innovative, compassionate and results-oriented licensing agency helps make Affinity the trusted source by clients and vendors.